Reviews of “Luminaire”

“Cho continues to dazzle with his imaginative, vivid, and superbly developed world-building, his endearing characters, enticing romance, and endlessly entertaining story....”


“I just want to dive in to the pages and never resurface.”

The Shadow Realm

“Luminaire was everything I could have ever wanted in a sequel plus so much more!”

Books, Music and Tea

“ I promise you, Niemela is a magical place you will want to fall into.”

Literary Meanderings

“Luminaire was a story full of adventure, love, coming of age, self discovery, betrayal, and magic in the incredible world of the mer....”

Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

“A fast and thrilling book with a rollercoaster of emotion that will leave you waiting for more.”

Reading... Dreaming...

Books to Consider

“With stunningly beautiful imagery, likeable characters and an action-packed plot, I couldn't help but read it in one sitting!”

Radiant Shadows

“Once again, Cho created a story that had me completely captivated from beginning to end!”

Wholly Books


“...If you're searching for a good mermaid book, filled with action, romance, courage and friendship, Luminaire is the perfect book for you!”

My Life Is A Fairytale That Will Never End

Steph's Book Corner | Goodreads version with rating

“...this is the kind of series that you start and get sucked into”

The Cuckoo's Nest

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